Thursday, April 26, 2012

Simple fish tacos with leftover mahi mahi

Cooking for one is not as ideal as cooking for 2 or 3. For one, you should share your delicious meals with someone so they can be impressed with your culinary skills. Another is at the end of the night, after you've slaved away in the kitchen, you end up with a lot of leftovers. I'm always impressed with people who are able to be creative with their leftovers the very next night without having to taste "old." I ended up having 2 fillets leftover from my citrus-glazed mahi mahi (see post here) so I did a quick search and found a recipe for fish tacos. To tie my citrus-glazed mahi mahi to the Mexican theme, I made my own salsa fresco with some lemon juice and made a cabbage-salad side dish with the rest of the lemon juice to make a citrus dressing. This is an important thing to remember about leftover-cooking: use previous flavors of your leftovers and add fresh ingredients with slightly different flavorings to take away the refrigerated taste from any meat. I also added some spiced sour cream as another note with my taco. Dairy can help balance the lemon zing of the salsa. 

Try this recipe out with your leftover (or fresh) fish. Try using lean and flaky fish like tilapia, snapper, cod, catfish or here, mahi mahi. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

Citrus Glazed Mahi Mahi

Tricia here!  I just recently bought the new Nokia Lumia 900 phone which has given me the nicest Carl Zeiss 8 megapixel camera one can find. To christen my new phone, I decided to showcase my "amateur" photo skills by posting my recipe of seared mahi mahi topped with a citrus glaze. Using citrus fruits as a marinade for seafood is really great for giving the fish a flaky texture without leaving the fish too dry. Also, marinating your fish is pretty quick and easy compared to marinating other meats. As a plus, you can use the remaining marinade as  a thick and yummy glaze to accompany your cooked fish.

Now, I try to be a good cook just like Siddharth, but unlike Siddharth, I try to keep things simple. Simple ingredients, simple technique. But I'm learning to be more sophisticated for my viewers. 

I bought frozen mahi mahi and let it thaw overnight in the fridge. Before cooking, I let it sit out at room temperature for about an hour. This is a pretty important step, because if any part of the fish is still frozen, it will not cook properly and you'll have a mix of really bad sushi-grade fish and an overcooked fillet.

As side dishes, I roasted a few purple and red potatoes and cauliflower, absolutely delicious, healthy and hearty.

Here is the recipe: