Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ithaca Restaurant Reviews

Here are our thoughts on restaurants in the Ithaca area. We'll do one review each week. Tricia and I will give separate opinions on each place in 5 categories: taste, menu selection, ambiance, service, and value. Each category will be on a scale 0 = awful to 10 = perfect. We'll also give detailed descriptions of the places, including photodocumentation. There are lots of choices in Ithaca, and many are not known to everyone, so we aim to give honest reviews of all the places around to help people make dining choices that they'll really enjoy!

Glenwood Pines - Basic Burgers and Fried Foods 
The Piggery - Ithaca's New Pork Butcher/Deli offers Tasty Lunch
CT Bento Cafe - A new Japanese Option in Ithaca  
Four Seasons - A Great Korean Place in Ithaca
Bandwagon Brewpub - Deliciously Innovative Food in the Commons
Garcia's - Great Value Mexican Food in Central NY  
Blue Frog Cafe - Unfortunate Coffeehouse in Pyramid Mall
Hazelnut Kitchen - Innovative Offerings in Trumansburg NY 


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