Wednesday, October 12, 2011

CT Bento - Ithaca, NY Revisited!

Greetings fellow Ithacans (and those who follow our Ithaca restaurant reviews)!

Awhile back, we wrote a review on the sushi and bubble tea cafe on RT 13 that had just opened (read it here!) To our delight, our review was recently featured in CT Bento Cafe's website. Among our review, CT Bento Cafe had also featured other reviewers who commented on their great sushi rolls and rice bowls. We suggest you to check it out! Here is our updated review on CT Bento

We decided to revisit CT Bento to try out the rest of their menu, in addition to taking a couple of bubble teas to go. The interior had definitely improved with cute Japanese decor, finally giving Cafe Bento some authenticity for a Japanese restaurant. And have we mentioned how clean the restaurant was? You certainly don't get this feeling with Miyake and Plum Tree.

When we arrived, we had only planned on ordering a bubble tea (or two) to go. But once we sat down, we were greeted by the waitress so warmly that we decided to stay for a quick snack. We decided to try their hot appetizers since sushi in Ithaca is all the same throughout. Sushi in general is not entirely fresh in Ithaca and can be quite expensive, but CT Bento was able to make decent rolls without charging us $10/roll (see our review on the rolls here). We ordered the gyoza - pork fried dumplings - and a spicy tuna roll. Both were excellent and satisfied both of our snack cravings immediately.

Siddharth ordered his favorite bubble tea, taro while Tricia ordered CT Bento's specialty - the popping lychee boba in passion fruit tea. Unfortunately you cannot get this type of bubble tea in Cornell's collegetown, which is why we encourage our Ithaca viewers to visit this cafe!


  1. loved their sushi - i'd say better than my beloved miyake! and their salmon and eel nigiris were just amazing. their yaki soba wasn't that great - didn't feel fresh. but I'd definitely go there again for sushi!

  2. I think to this point we've only had their maki. It's great to hear that their nigiri is good - we often feel like you don't get really good fresh fish around Ithaca, so we tend to avoid nigiri unless we are closer to the coast! We'll give it a shot though!