Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crab Stir-fry with Sugar Snaps and Oyster Mushrooms

Summertime on the east coast is when crabs are in season. Delicious blue crabs from Maryland emerge in local grocers, and you really can't beat the taste. At Wegman's, we get chunked lump meat from crabs, and after bringing some home the other day, I was determined to come up with something interesting to do with them. Crab cakes are good, but I was in the mood for something a little but different. I decided on a stir-fry. Stir-fry is always good, but introducing some incredible crab meat seemed like a way to really make it special. Sugar snaps and oyster mushrooms seemed like perfect accompaniments to crab. This is a great recipe for quick cooking after work, and it's pretty healthy too!
I started by heating my wok over high heat (not all the way up on the stove, but more than medium high). Wok cooking is best done over high heats, but this also means that you have to keep moving your ingredients around the pan to prevent burning. I added a few tablespoons of canola oil. When the oil began to shimmer, I added 2 teaspoons of minced garlic and 2 teaspoons of minced ginger along with 8 whole red chilies (crushing them with my hands as I added them to the wok - make sure to wash hands immediately!). When everything became fragrant, I added the sugar snaps.

I added the sugar snaps first (add however much you like), because I wanted them to soften a bit. You can also see that this brings out the nice green color in the snaps. Once the sugar snaps have cooked 2-3 minutes, you can add the oyster mushrooms, with their stems removed and cut into manageable pieces.

Let this stir fry until the mushroom have softened a bit. Again, make sure to keep moving everything around the pan to prevent burning or soaking up of oil. Once everything is cooked, you can add in the crab meat. I added about half of this massive container:

Once the crab is in, give everything a toss to mix. You basically just want to allow the crab to heat up at this point, it doesn't need cooking. Season with some salt at this point, to taste. Finally, add about a tablespoon of soy sauce to finish it. Remove from the heat after mixing in the soy sauce. It's ready to eat! Very simple, and it allows the crab to shine (while also providing you a reason to eat some vegetables!).


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